Interview with Manuel Lettenbichler

Here’s a fresh interview with Manuel Lettenbichler (Germany, KTM). Manuel is the son of Hard Enduro legend Andreas “Letti” Lettenbichler who scored an astonishing number of podium results in his career. Born on April 30, 1998, Manuel is eager to score his first podium result in a major Hard Enduro race and Red Bull Sea to Sky could be the place.

Manuel – how did the season go for you so far?

Not bad – even though my ambitions are a bit higher I’m happy since I’ve been able to score some top 5 results. Romaniacs could have been better if I hadn’t ruined the first day by going the wrong way. I won the last day and am continuously learning and gaining speed.

Red Bull Sea to Sky is coming up next. How are the preparations for Kemer working out?

I’m really looking forward to this race. So far my preparations are going well, physically I’m in a good shape and I don’t need to anything special really. I live in Bavaria and spend a lot of time training in higher altitudes so I’m well prepared also for the Mountain Race that is taking us to almost 2,500m of altitude.

What makes Red Bull Sea to Sky special for you?

You have three races and three styles – each race is something special. You’re going flat out on a motocross / superenduro track right at the ocean front on the first day, have to adjust yourself and the bike to enduro style in the Forest Race the day after riding single trails and riverbeds and in the Mountain Race things are getting extreme but ridable. And in addition to this it feels like being on vacation because you’re enjoying sunny weather and warm temperatures at the Turkish Riviera.

If you would need to pick one of the three race days as your favorite: Which one would it be?

It’s tough to say. I love the Forest Race because I scored a great result two years ago and it’s usually a superb track. But then again, all of the three days have something special – so honestly I couldn’t really pick one!

You will have mixed emotions when you remember the last two years. You beat your father first time in the Forest Race two years ago and won the Beach Race last year. But you were sick in the Mountain Race and didn’t end up where you wanted to.

Yes, I won the Beach Race and came in second in the Forest Race last year. The evening before the Mountain Race I’ve had some bad food and spent most of the night on the restrooom. It wasn’t gone the day after so I simply didn’t have the energy so I came in fourth.

All top riders will be present this year. What’s your target for the Mountain Race?

The podium – no doubt! I missed it twice so it’s got to happen this year! The other riders are showing some good performances in these days so the competition will be really tough – but it’s always better if you beat strong opponents!

You will be part of our unique „Train with the Pros“ programm where registered riders will go out to train with you and other pros on the Wednesday right before the first race day. What’s your advise for the amateur riders coming to Red Bull Sea to Sky?

They should not go flat out right from the start. Especially at the Mountain Race you need to deal with your energy carefully to make sure you have some left when you’re getting into the final phase of the race. The maximum riding time is 7 hours, it’s hot and the futher you get on the track the higher it gets.