Interview with Brian Capper

Brian Capper

Brian Capper

Brian Capper (South Africa), who won a series of national SuperMoto and Trials titles in South Africa, will come to Turkey and do one of his great shows at Terracity Shopping Mall in Antalya on 4th October at 19:00. We did an interview with Brian – enjoy!

Brian, you’ve been a rider since the age of 11. At first, it was a bicycle and then a motorcycle. How and when did it turn from a childish desire to a life-long passion for you?

Brian: I actually got my very first Motorcycle at the age of 9, but rode bicycles since I was 3. I think I always wanted to do this. My whole world was bikes. I would probably say at the age of about 16 or 17, I realized I could make a living from riding. How? Well, we just got a bike and started riding and training every single day. I took it quite seriously from a young age already.

What do you think is the landmark of your career? Could passing to SuperMoto be it? Or else? What could you say about that?

Brian: Yeah, I think so. You know, SuperMoto really put me on the map. I won many titles and pretty much dominated the sport for about 8 years in South Africa. I had won a trials championship, done a bit of enduro and off road racing with some success, but SuperMoto resulted in a series of national titles – I was winning in that era. There was a lot of TV Coverage, we got a lot of Media coverage, and so it was probably the very peak of my career. I loved that time of my Life!

Roof of Africa – “the mother of Hard Enduro” –  will be on the Red Bull event schedule this year. Will you be participating? Do you feel excited about it in any special way?

Brian: The Roof will always be special to me. You know, growing up, I used to watch all my hero racing the Roof, and then I got to race it for many years myself. Sadly, I wont be racing the 2016 edition of the Roof Of Africa, and the main reason is that I don’t specialize in Hard Enduro racing anymore. My racing focus now has shifted to EnduroCross. Hard Enduro requires a lot of time on the bike, massive training time and needs to be an all year round focus. Im too busy with my Extreme Riding Trials Exhibitions shows around the world to be able to dedicate that much time into Hard Enduro. But one of my other businesses is that I coach a lot of riders preparing for the Roof. So yes, Im excited to see how those riders will do, too.

You’ve participated in various motorsports races through out your career. If you were to pinpoint one, which would you say was the most memorable, the most challenging one?

Brian: I would say the most memorable one would have to be the Red Bull Cross Choice Race in Sao Paulo Brazil. It was at the peak of my career, I got to race against World Trials Champion Adam Raga. It was when EnduroCross really started to get a lot more attention, and I won. So, on a global scale, that win was massive and really, really special for me.
Which race was the most challenging?? I’d probably say the 2010 Erzberg’s Red Bull Hare Scramble in Austria. I had worked my way into the top 10 from a bad start, but crashed and hurt my hand badly. To cut a long story short I just missed the cut off time. That year 11 riders finished. Out of 500.

Red Bull Sea to Sky consists of 3 stages: The Beach Race, the Forest Race and the Mountain Race. Which one do you believe is the toughest part? Could you provide us with any pro-tip?

Brian: Red Bull Sea to Sky means 3 completely different races really. The Beach Race is a bit about showing off and give the crowd a cool show. In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really count much towards the overall race. However, it is my favorite part of the whole race.
The Forest Race looks like a lot of fun – apparently the riding terrain is literally out of this world. But the toughest I would think will be the Mountain Race. I think that’s where the race will be won and lost this year. Top 10 would be a good result for anybody, ride smart in the Forest Race and keep the leaders in sight, and make a decisive move somewhere on the last day in the mountains. Let’s see what happens.

How do you feel about the competition at Red Bull Sea to Sky? Who would you bet on?

Brian: Thats a tough question to answer, but I would put my money on South African SuperStar Wade Young to be honest. Young wants a win at Red Bull Sea to Sky badly. I really think it suits his style, and thats where my money is.

Which one do you think is more important: to compete or victory?

Brian: In general, I would say to compete. Because I have so much respect for someone that has the balls to step out of his/her comfort zone and take on the challenge, especially at a Hard Enduro race. But my whole life I’ve competed, so for me, VICTORY is everything! That is the reason I compete. If I don’t win … the 2nd is the first looser.