The Knighter to race Red Bull Sea to Sky

David Knight -Kemer, Turkey – April 29, 2014 – It took a while but now it’s official: Red Bull Turkey, XVENTURE and the Kemer Enduro Club are excited to announce that the three-times Enduro World Champion and (Extreme) Enduro legend David Knight (UK, Sherco) will compete in the 5th edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky between September 26-28, 2014.

There is hardly any other rider in the Enduro circus who is having such a broad and fanatic support in the enduro scene as David Knight, born in 1978 and Sherco-mounted since the end of 2013. Looking at three World Championship tiles in classic Enduro and two GNCC titles “The Knighter” is no stranger to Extreme Enduro at all and looks at an impressive track record having won the Hell’s Gate in Italy three times and the Red Bull Hare Scramble twice – just to mention a few of his wins!

In 2014 he’s already won the Tough One Extreme Enduro in the UK – his sixth (!) victory at the T1 – beating top riders such as Jonny Walker (UK, KTM), Graham Jarvis (UK, Husqvarna), Alfredo Gomez (SP, Husqvarna) and Andreas Lettenbichler (D, KTM). After a number of years focussing pretty much on classic Enduro in the World Enduro Championship the giant from the Isle of Man is not only returning to Extreme Enduro but really puts his focus on this discipline that is constantly getting more attention.

David had been invited by Red Bull Turkey to come out to Kemer for a photo shooting and we’re happy to provide you with the spectacular pictures shot by Claudius Vasilescu. To access the photo gallery either click on the photo above or this link.

During the shooting David took his bike out with Martin Freinademetz and Klaus Sorensen from XVENTURE and the Kemer Enduro Club headed by Semih Özdemir to get an initial idea what the terrain is all about and try out some old tracks of the previous years.

This is where we took the chance to ask David a couple of questions:

We’re stoked that you’ll race the 5th edition of Red Bull Sea to Sky! What made you decide to come out to the Turkish Riviera?

David Knight: I’ve heard about Red Bull Sea to Sky first time about 3 years ago. So far I couldn’t make it because of other events I had to race in the past years. All the comments from especially some UK riders said it’s pretty awesome, a really enjoyable race in a beautiful scenery, that it’s tough and you can have a little bit of a holiday at the same time at the beach.

You’ve spend a couple of days in Kemer recently. What do you think about the terrain here in Kemer?

David Knight: Lots of stones! We’ve got stones where I live on the Isle of Man, but over here in Turkey it’s completely different, here it feels like you’re riding on marbles. So it’s a bit slippery and you have to concentrate a lot but it’s certainly enjoyable. The trails are nice to ride and I have to admit, I heard a lot about how nice it would be but I started to believe once I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Having been here I have to say it’s unbelievable to ride in such a great place, in the woods and in the rivers. I really enjoyed it and it’s for sure different to all the other races. I haven’t been on the actual tracks but I believe it will be tough but not over the top.

What are your expectations for Red Bull Sea to Sky?

David Knight: There are races where I expect to do well to win, races I’ve done before and that are sort of multi lap type events like Tough One, Hell’s Gate and Erzberg. Races like Red Bull Romaniacs and Sea to Sky in including GPS navigation and tracks you’ve not walked before are totally new to me and those are races I’m really looking forward to. I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing for so many years now so it’s nice learn something new! Really, riding tracks you’ve never walked before is something new to me and really exciting. This year in these new races I expect to have some good days and some bad days and learn something for next year. This year for me is trying to enjoy it, have fun. For sure I’m gonna have some good days and other days where I’ll make mistakes and learn from it.

What bike will you ride at Red Bull Sea to Sky?

David Knight: Most likely the 2stroke Sherco. I’ll stay on the 2stroke for the rest of the year. I like the 4stroke but it’s better to stick with one bike and develop it throughout the season, especially since it’s a new bike. For the factory it’s important to improve the bike and this year for me it’s important to learn in the new races so I can afford to work on the bike during the season.