Interview with Graham “GForce” Jarvis

We talked to the Extreme Enduro super star Graham Jarvis (UK, Husaberg) about Sea to Sky:

Graham, you’ve won the last two editions of Red Bull Sea to Sky and all of the races in 2013 so far!

Yes, you can’t really do any better than that. I’m obviously very pleased so far and want to keep going like that. I certainly want to win Sea to Sky again this year!

Have you been training especially for Sea to Sky?

I’ve been training at home for about the last two months now doing my regular training. Last week I was in Romania racing the Piatra Neamt Hard Enduro and I will arrive in Kemer on Sept. 24 to prepare the bike for Sea to Sky.

Will you do anything special to prepare the bike for Sea to Sky?

It will pretty much be like the bike I used at the Erzbergrodeo this year. In between the three races at Sea to Sky I won’t change too much – except between the Beach Race and the Forest Race. For the Beach Race I will make sure I got plenty of power and I will most likely use the new GoldenTyre (soft) motocross tire.

What are your expectations for the main race, the Red Bull Sea to Sky Mountain Race?

It’s a comparatively short race so I expect the top of us – like Alfredo, Jonny & Letti – to be riding pretty much together until it’s getting really tough. I’ve heard that there are some new sections and – like always – I’ll try to leave them behind in the really tough sections.

We took tagline “the most enjoyable” from one of your quotes after Sea to Sky in 2011. Is Red Bull Sea to Sky still the most enjoyable race for you?

Definitely, yes. It’s not only a unique race but there is a very fine line between ridable and pushing. With the skills of the top 5 riders we can ride quite a lot of stuff now. But if I can keep the bike flowing in really difficult terrain – that’s when I like a race and that’s what I get at Sea to Sky. I also like it when it’s different each year, when you don’t really know what’s next. Except the river bed at the beginning we’re getting new & cool stuff to ride all the time at Sea to Sky.